Komar Announces Winter 'Sex Ed & Product Knowledge' Classes

BALTIMORE — Komar today announced its winter 2015 Sex Ed & Product Knowledge Series schedule to be presented by sex educator Ducky DooLittle.

The company said its live, interactive online classes designed specifically for adult retailers are proving to be very successful. The fall 2014 series sold out and the winter 2015 classes are filling up rapidly. More dates and times will be added to meet demand.

Komar noted that DooLittle is uniquely qualified to present these classes because she understands the obstacles adult retailers are challenged with on a day-to-day basis. The educator has 25 years of experience in the adult toy industry along with years of experience on the retail sales floor, working as a store buyer and manager, and then moving into sex toy manufacturing and design.

“One of the keys to our success is that these classes are live," DooLittle said. "Our attendees get a chance to ask questions as they pop up and drive content based on their specific needs. There is no other retail industry that compares to selling sexuality products — it’s not like selling clothing or electronics. The customers come through the doors loaded with emotion, be it excitement, fear, or simple raw curiosity. A salesperson needs to know how to harness that emotion and help each customer have the best experience possible. A well informed, confident salesperson can do that.”

Customers can expect two classes a month on topics targeted to both increase understanding of the human body and sexual response, and how overall product knowledge can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

The series begins Jan 8 with BDSM Basics: Understanding Kinky Toys & Desires and is followed on Jan. 21 with Coaching Customers: Sex After Hysterectomy. On Feb. 5 there's Anal Sex Basics, on Feb. 19 Coaching Customers: Helping Guys with Erectile Dysfunction, and on March 5, Strap On Harnesses & Dildos.

On March 19 the series continues with Coaching Customers: How to Clean a Sex Toy, and on April 9: Blow Job Basics, followed by Coaching Customers: Sex & Unwanted Pain on April 23.

To RSVP, contact a Komar sales person or email ducky@komarcompany.com.