German Star Julia Pink Appeals Ruling Dismissing Case Against Church

Rhett Pardon

MUNICH — German porn star Julia Pink has decided to appeal a ruling that dismissed a lawsuit against a church that fired her from her day job as a school teacher and supervisor of adults with disabilities.

Pink, who was outted earlier this year after attending the Venus fair in Germany and winning the 2014 "Venus Shooting Star" award there, had worked at the Diakonia Germany Evangelical Federal Association in Munich for 17 years before straying into porn. In her suit, she asked the court to reinstate her employment at the church.

She lost her case in October after a judge agreed with the church's firing and said that her dismissal without notice was "unfair" but that the "reasons for doing so were legitimate."

"The applicant is involved with pornographic activities contrary to the church’s sexual ethics and thereby committed a breach of duty of loyalty that may justify a dismissal," Judge Renate Leier wrote.

Now the 38-year-old teacher-turned-adult performer said she now plans to appeal the decision.

"I do porn films, but that doesn’t mean I can’t teach and that I can’t promote Christian values," she told Bild. "I myself am a Catholic and a believer. I visit swingers clubs and do porn but so what?"

The transformation from a nursery school teacher to a porn star was one that started in the German swinger scene.

According to a bio on the Venus website, Pink had been involved in the swinger scene for more than 10 years. After meeting porn star Chris Hilton, she made her first hardcore film in October 2013.

"The Christian establishment gave Julia a choice: job as nursery nurse or porn," the bio said. "The Christian belief was not compatible with her 'naughty' hobby, and because of her passion for erotic, porn and swinging, Julia decided to live a life in front of the camera."