Belle Knox Back in Scandal

NEW YORK — Belle Knox greets the end of a very busy year back in the media spotlight, as part of yet another scandal, when mainstream media quickly picked up news of Suffolk County politician Steve Bellone, who was discovered to be following the 19-year-old Duke University student and porn teen sensation on Twitter.

The Suffolk County executive, who follows only 267 people on Twitter, responded to media speculation by claiming his account had been hacked. A spokeswoman from Bellone’s camp, who called Knox’s account “obscene,” added a formal complaint has been filed with Twitter and the third-party software used to manage the politician’s account.

The story broke over the weekend in the NY Post.

“I’m very flattered Mr. Bellone — or whomever hacked his account — is a fan,” says Belle. “There’s really nothing wrong with watching porn, so chill out, people!”

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