Bonnie Rotten’s 'Spanish Inquisition' Releasing This Week

VENICE, Calif. — Just as 2013 was a breakout year for Bonnie Rotten as a performer, in 2014 she exploded onto the scene as a director.

This week Bonnie Rotten is releasing “Rotten in Palma de Mallorca, Spain," another movie through her production company, Mental Beauty.

Rotten shot the title on the Spanish island of Palma de Mallorca with a local cast.

The title features Rotten on the cover along with sensual Spaniard, Silvia Rubi. The cast also includes David El Moreno, Fenyx Santos and Jason Steel.

Rotten and Rubi get dirty on a cliff overlooking the ocean, she shares a BJ and squirt session with Steel in her villa (followed by anal on a beach in public), and then she screws El Moreno on a scenic mountainside. In a bonus scene, Santos and Rotten meet in a garden for a steamy anal action. 

Since much of the movie was shot on location, there was some danger involved with the production. Rotten says that the actors nearly got busted on one occasion.

“We had police approach us while shooting on the beach," Rotten related. "It was a funny story because we had to hide the video SD card in Corn Flakes and pretend like we were just doing photos. That was close!”

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