Webmaster Central Names Top Adult Niche Content for 2014

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central reports that the top content niche for 2014 is young amateur sex, both hardcore and softcore.

“Webmaster Central leases a lot of content to adult companies so we’re in a unique position to see what people are clicking on most,” said Andy A, founder and CEO of Webmaster Central.  “There are a few niches that do well every year, and this is definitely one of them as we have some of the best amateur and reality content in HD. 

"The most popular niches aren’t always the best converting though, so we always advise companies to keep the smaller volume niches in mind, like BBW and transsexual content.”

Webmaster Central has had a busy and award-winning year, proving once again to be a leader in technology integration, Andy A said.

The year started off with the big announcement that Webmaster Central was now offering custom front ends, giving adult entertainment companies a laughably easy way to add new self-updating websites to their portfolios, he said. The company also updated its video player technology, and integrated with Google’s Chromecast service to provide additional viewing choices for consumers.

“We spent a lot of development time integrating the newest advances in online video so that our clients can take advantage of these killer new technologies without having to spend the development time themselves,” Andy A said. “A lot of adult companies operate on a pretty lean development budget, so keeping them on top of the latest advances is just one more perk we offer for those who lease content from Webmaster Central.”

In addition to its 2014 technology enhancements, Webmaster Central also made big strides on the content side, he said. 

The company added thousands of brand new HD video scenes, including content from high converting and in-demand niches like BBW, pregnant, MILF and pantyhose, as well as traditional favorites like anal, gangbangs and lesbians.