UPS Store 3D Printing Service Can Be Used for Sex Toys

LOS ANGELES — The UPS Store began offering 3D printing services over the past couple of months. While a store representative told reporters at the Daily Dot that users will be barred from printing out weapons or devices that breach existing copyrights, the rules do not explicitly prohibit customers from using those printers to create sex toys.

When Daily Dot asked about the possibility of printing sex toys — like dildos, plugs and the like — the store rep explained that there is no company-wide rule against them.

However, the rep noted that each store is individually owned, and the owners of a particular store could make their own policy prohibiting the creation of such toys.

The piece points out there are already websites available that offer free downloadable sex toy patterns for 3D printers, but the accessibility of UPS Stores (there are around 100 locations that currently offer 3D printing) adds a significant convenient factor.

Printing service prices depend on the size and complexity of whatever the user decides to churn out. CNN reports that an iPhone case would cost around $60, while a replica femur bone would come out to $325.