Television X Babes Release U.K. Censorship Protest Video

LONDON — Television X's TVXbabes, the porn stars behind the Christmas single “Coming for Christmas,” have released a boobs-out alternative version of the video to counter "No More Page 3’s" Christmas single offering, released Dec. 15.

Inspired by last week’s anti-porn law protest, TVXbabes said they're showing their public support for the cause by creating the bare-breasted adaptation of their festive single in support of Sex and Censorship, a non-profit organization that opposes the censorship of sexual expression.

Television X has pledged to donate to the U.K. anti-censorship campaign should “Coming for Christmas” reach the Top 40.

"We live in a time of increasing anti-sex conservatism and are seeing a rise in attempts to suppress sexual expression in many forms. Small, unrepresentative groups are setting the agenda. It would be great to see ‘Coming for Christmas’ make the charts, to demonstrate that the public are not as outraged by female nudity as the morality brigade claims," Sex & Censorship's Jerry Barnett said.

The creators noted that the “Coming for Christmas” protest single embodies the nation’s right to choose what they watch, what they listen to and fundamentally if they want boobs or not. The video trailer has loged in more than 250,000 views, along with 70,000 views of the mainstream TVXbabes video.

Barnett added, “It’s a battle for the boobs as TVXbabes declare the No More Page 3 Christmas single ‘dreary and boring.’ Christmas should be all about fun like our song and video.”

Former Page 3 girl, Linsey Dawn McKenzie has publicly stepped in to offer her support. She said, “The whole Page 3 debate really bugs me. Well done to TVX for supporting the anti-censorship cause. Go TVXbabes, I’m backing you and your lovely boobies for Christmas No 1.”

The boobs-out version of the pop video (together with embed code) is now available to view exclusively here. The full mainstream SFW version is available on the TVXbabes’ YouTube Channel. “Coming for Christmas” is currently available to purchase on iTunes and on Amazon.

Supporters can contribute to the U.K. anti-censorship campaign by sharing the hashtags #ComingforChristmas and #TVXmasNo1 on Twitter via @TVXbabes.