Electric Distro Moving to Bigger Warehouse

Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK – ElectricDistro.com has announced that it is moving to bigger warehouse in South Bronx next year.

“The expanded location will enable ElectricDistro.com to operate even more efficiently in delivering its assortment of lingerie and pleasure products that are constantly in high-demand,” the company said.

ElectricDistro.com serves an international clientele in regions that include the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Denmark, South Africa and more. According to the company, products are shipped the same day in most cases, and products ship directly, discretely and securely.

According to Electric owner Elan Rofe, the ElectricDistro.com site was launched to best serve its entire customer base, ranging from brick-and-mortar retailers and online stores to distributors around the globe.

“ElectricDistro.com has grown substantially since the launch and many retailers and distributors alike have started to order through the site, which provides real time inventory and which is updated consistently with new features,” he said. “ElectricDistro.com was launched as a site where all of the brands under the Electric umbrella could be consolidated and viewed at one centralized site.”

For more information, visit ElectricDistro.com.