Starship Enterprises Now Carrying CB-X Male Chastity

LAS VEGAS — Leading U.S.-based brick and mortar retail chain, Starship Enterprises, is bringing male chastity brand CB-X to the Deep South.

Starship has introduced the CB-X brand to 16 of its 21 retail stores, with plans to roll out to more stores in 2015.

Starship's CEO Kelly Rogers says the decision to carry the CB-X brand was in response to consumer demand.

"We brought in the CB-X brand because of customer requests and people asking what the best male chastity device is for the long term wearer,” Rogers said. “Anyone familiar with male chastity asks for a CB-X device, and we're happy to introduce the CB-X brand to those new to the lifestyle who were previously unfamiliar with these devices."

Both Starship Enterprises and CB-X Male Chastity are up for awards after the first of the year. Startship is nominated in the Retail Chain of the Year category at the 2015 XBIZ Awards coming up in January in L.A.

"Male chastity continues to receive more and more mainstream attention," said Nikki Yates, corporate director for A.L. Enterprises, the manufacturers of CB-X Male Chastity. "We're proud to say that CB-X is on the forefront of this trend."

Yates continued, “Our award-winning brand has a reputation that is synonymous with quality. We are a fan-favorite among those in the male chastity and keyholder lifestyle around the globe. We are excited to further our reach in the U.S. by being more readily available in the Deep South thanks to our new partnership with Starship Enterprises."

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