Fascinations Revamps Brand, Launches Wellness Campaign

PHOENIX – Fascinations says it is evolving, and taking steps to position its brand in mainstream by diversifying product selection and redesigning store interiors to be consumer-friendly.

 Fascinations, a Phoenix-based company, that has been in business for more than 20 years says it has seen it all; and the keys to success are to evolve, stay on the forefront of trends and identify with the consumer.

Fascinations stores have been modernized to be brighter, welcoming and consumer experience driven, the company says. Locations are modeled to be progressively suggestive as the customer walks through the store. Each Fascinations is vibrant in color, spacious and organized to be inviting to any patron.

In addition to top-of-the-line adult toys, merchandise has expanded into high-end lingerie, swimwear and clothing. The company launched its “Health and Wellness” campaign this year to showcase products such as essential oils and creams, herbal supplements, and products to enhance intimate experiences.

“We knew as a brand we had to provide product lines that others weren’t, and essentially fill a need to our customers while driving new audiences into our stores that previously may not have thought to come in,” Chief Operating Officer Dustin Olive said. “We are the only store amongst competitors that supplies a robust health and wellness product line, and we truly believe it is a standout component of our overall selection.”

Fascinations says its mainstream move has proven to have an exceptional impact during Halloween, as the company spearheaded a widespread broadcast, digital and social media campaign to engage new consumers. 

“Messaging was tailored to excite loyal customers as well as capture potential first time patrons,” the company said. “With the combination of a dynamic marketing campaign, the company reached an entirely new audience and overall sales increased greatly from the previous year.”

To match the messaging expectations, costumes offered in the Halloween set were stylish, high quality and appealing to women of all sizes, the company said. Fascinations marketed its selection of costumes on mainstream television outlets and entertainment media platforms.

“We have made conscious decisions to elevate our merchandise as we revitalize our stores, and the reception from buyers has been extremely motivating,” said Pauline Green, director of purchasing. “As a company we can say we are diversifying our scope of product, but if the merchandise doesn’t align, our consumers will recognize that.”

In addition to the Phoenix metropolitan area, Fascinations has established locations in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colo. The company recently opened its first store in Austin, and has plans to expand to other areas of the Southwest.

For more information on Fascinations product lines, locations and updates, visit YourFascinations.com.