Sportsheets Offers 1st Look at 'Ties That Bind' Kit From Sexperiments

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — With the launch of Sportsheets International’s new Sexperiments line fast approaching, Sportsheets is offering a first look at its Ties That Bind kit.

Set to start shipping in mid-December,? the new line from the fetish manufacturer offers five gift-boxed kits for everyone from the beginner fetish user to the most experienced. ?

The Ties That Bind kit features Plush Cuffs, which are lined with a comfortable, soft fabric and feature jeweled metal buckles. “You won’t want to take them off — you’ll want to wear them to bed,” a sales rep said.

It also comes with the soft Blackout Blindfold. Because it is shaped for total darkness, you can open your eyes while wearing the blindfold and will have no make-up smudging or smearing.

“Extended fantasies welcome, as your comfort is never in question with the Ties that Bind kit,” the rep added. ?

The items in the kit are made from high-grade materials, including nickel-free metal hardware and brass.?

For more information about the Ties That Bind kit, visit Sportsheets’ website.?

To view the official Sexperiments commercial starring company founder Tom Stewart, click here.?

The Sexperiments line is now available for pre-orders.