Bill Margold Appears in Horror-Comedy Premiering at L.A. 3D Film Fest

LOS ANGELES — Deep Vision 3D has developed ThunderRama Sound for the 3D release of “Hackin' Jack vs. The Chainsaw Chick” featuring classic blue movie legend Bill Margold.

“Hackin' Jack vs. The Chainsaw Chick” has been selected as the opening night horror entry for the seventh annual Los Angeles 3D Film Festival. It will play Dec. 6 at 10 p.m.

During the ‘70s, Universal Pictures marketed Sensurround, a vibrating sound gimmick used to simulate earthquake tremors, naval battles, roller coaster rides and outer space warfare. Films that employed the innovation did well at the box office. But the craze was short-lived and theatre owners balked at installing expensive sound equipment, as audiences were frequently distracted by adjacent auditorium sound bleed. 

But the idea is coming back — this time in a digital format with the previous technical problems reportedly solved. Deep Vision 3D, one of the oldest 3D production companies, has developed the patent-pending sound process it calls ThunderRama. Unlike Sensurround of the ‘70s, ThunderRama sound is compatible will all digital theatre sound systems. No installation is required.

The first film to utilize this new sound technology will be the 3D horror-comedy, “Hackin' Jack vs. The Chainsaw Chick.” The Super 3D Comix production is scheduled for a 2015 release. Directed by Norm de Plume, it will have its world premiere at the 7th Annual Los Angeles 3D Film Festival.

"When the chainsaws roar, audiences will definitely feel the rumbling vibrations and react," Deep Vision Publicity Director Hy Gordon said. "Prepare to be shaken, stirred, rocked and shocked."

The film premieres on Dec. 6 at Regal's LA Live Stadium 14 in Theatre #5 at 10 p.m.