Tonga BV Now Distributing Closet Collection in Europe

LOS ANGELES – The Closet Collection has announced a European distribution deal with a Tonga BV. 

 “Our team is incredibly excited to partner with Tonga,” said Stephanie Saylers creative director for Closet Collection. “They truly understand the European market and how to best market the Closet Collection brand. Our bright and colorful vibe translates effortlessly across cultures and we look forward to spreading our positive and cheerful message around the world with the help of our newest partners.”

Tonga BV is a leading adult distributor in Europe with more than 6,700 items in its catalog and representation from every product category on the market. Tonga BV serves wholesale, mail-order, retail and home party companies.

“It’s exciting to add a fast growing brand like the The Closet Collection to our stable of brands,” Tonga BV Manager Marco Hamelink said. “As we constantly look for brands that offer a new twist on Sensuality — the closet collection truly represents a new look to expand brand awareness in Europe.”

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