CamsPower Offers Two Bonuses for New Affiliates

LOS ANGELES — CamsPower, the new webcam affiliate program that launched on Dec. 1 with the flagship EveLive and HunkPrivates, on Wednesday announced two bonus opportunities for every new affiliate creating an account on

The bonus schemes were designed to ensure an easier start for new affiliates; both bonuses are cumulative, CamsPower representatives said. 

For starters, there is a $250 sign-up bonus.

• Upon making $250 or 200€ in earnings within 60 days from sign-up date, CamsPower will add an extra $250 or 200€ in bonus on the new account.

• This bonus applies only for the lifetime revshare and white-label revshare programs; other programs are excluded.

Secondly, CamsPower said it will double a new affiliate's white-label revshare earnings (100% increase).

• On a new affiliate's first cam white-label site, CamsPower will double the initial white-label revshare for 30 days, from creation date (44% and 70% revshare for Germany).

• Minimum of $100 or 100€ to qualify for the bonus

• Calculations are from white-label revenues only; other programs are excluded.

• New affiliates need to contact an affiliate rep to enroll in this promotion.

To view full details on the two bonus schemes, click here.

"Whether you promote our brands or create your own cams site, we are convinced these bonuses will boost up your revenues right from your start," the company said.

The CamsPower affiliate team can be reached at