Sexual Health Expo 2015 Announces Special Guest Speakers

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Sexual Health Expo, presented by Jimmyjane, is pleased to announce the speaker lineup for the groundbreaking upscale consumer expo set for Jan. 17-18 at the stylish Sofitel Hotel in West Hollywood.

SHE’s full slate of workshops, sponsored by leading adult retailer Pleasure Chest, will cover a variety of topics, ranging from body acceptance to edgier subjects such as beginner’s bondage. Leading sex educators, including Jaiya, Dr. Charlie Glickman and Tristan Taormino, will present workshops with the goal of helping attendees enhance their sex lives.

Feminist sexuality educator, writer — and former phone sex operator who went on to write "A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex" — Ashley Manta kicks off SHE’s slate of fascinating workshops with “Talk Dirty to Me.” The session is set for Jan. 17 at 11 a.m.

“There will be exercises from the book including ‘the name game’ where participants will brainstorm genital slang that works for them and ‘sex-libs’ ­— a fill-in-the-blank dirty talk guide that's sure to make the most nervous talker an aural sex expert,” Manta said.

Sex educator, writer and sex coach Elle Chase will explore the role of body image in sexuality with her workshop “Big Beautiful Sex.”

“Fat, skinny, short, tall, thighs, arms, boobs, chest, muscled, flabby, penis size, labia size — you name it, everyone carries around some sort of shame regarding ‘something’ they don’t like about themselves, especially when it comes to being intimate,” Chase said. “I’ll send attendees away with some suggestions that could help them navigate through the feelings of indignity, and help them begin to experience their gorgeous sexual self.”

Charlie Glickman, a certified sexuality educator who’s been working in the field for more than 20 years, will host “Prostate Pleasure,” a male G-spot exploratory workshop. Slated for Saturday, Jan. 17, Glickman will explain the role of the prostate in sexual arousal and orgasm, and offer tips for pleasurable anal penetration and much more.

 “I love helping people discover things they didn’t know would be awesome,” Glickman said. “Whether I'm teaching classes or working with one-on-one clients, I really like knowing that they’re going home with new ideas to try out or new skills for enjoying sex.”

Award-winning sexologist and bestselling author Jaiya says her session on Saturday, Jan. 17, “More Passion Through Tantric Practices,” will teach attendees the five “Erotic Blueprints” that create more passion and connection between couples.

"Sexuality education is so much deeper than it appears, it gets to the core of a human being and from what I have seen brings on the biggest transformation in their growth,” Jaiya said. “Plus, I really enjoy watching couples find passion and build practices that help them create a closer connections."

Sex educator and author Ducky Doolittle will welcome couples looking to get out of a sexual rut for her workshop “Long-Term Lust,” set for Jan. 17. Doolittle will offer tips for developing fun, hot and sexy flirtation techniques and give you a deeper understanding of pleasure anatomy.

“I love to help people laugh, relax and really settle in to learn just how amazing and beautiful their bodies really are,” Doolittle said. “I like to help them create connective tissue between their past experiences, their physical body and the potential within them.

"Our bodies are so simple and beautiful but because we get limited education about our pleasure anatomy, people can have an abstract relationship with their own body or their partners sexual response. I am just here to help them connect the dots.”

Sex expert and “kink connoisseur” Sarah Sloane will present “Kiny Sex 101,” on Sunday, Jan. 18. According to Sloane, the session will provide attendees with different ways for partners to communicate their sexual fantasies to one another.

“If you’re intrigued by bedroom bondage, spanking, role play, or anything else that sounds a little kinky — this class is for you,” Sloane said. “We’ll break it down into things that you can do right after you leave the class to not only break the ice with a partner, but also to give you ways to set the boundaries so everyone feels safe – and we’ll throw in some tips to help you get your kink on, however you envision it.”

Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko will offer pointers for making threesomes happen during his “Menage a Trois” workshop, set for Jan. 18. Mihalko said attendees can expect a judgment-free, information rich, interactive workshop filled with lots of “humor, accurate sexual health information, and love,” along with a live demonstration.

“The thing I love most about teaching cutting-edge sex education in a humorous, accessible way are the emails I get from attendees thanking me for all the amazing sex and self-confidence they experience as a result of attending my workshops and programs,” he said.

The Pleasure Chest’s own Sarah Tomchesson will host the “G Marks the Spot” workshop, which will provide attendees with “techniques for enjoying your G-spot with or without a partner.”

“If you are like the average person, who is both curious and intimidated by G-spot play, then ‘G Marks the Spot’ is the perfect opportunity to get the all of the answers and encouragement you need to get started,” Tomchesson said. “In ‘G Marks the Spot,’ participants can expect to get answers to all of the basic questions about the infamous G-spot: Does it really exist? Where is it? What's the big deal about it, anyways?”

Alongside a slate of workshops, SHE also will showcase the best sex toys and accessories on the market today with leading manufacturers exhibiting their latest gear for all sexual needs.

SHE will provide several opportunities for consumers to connect one-on-one with participating sex experts and participating brand ambassadors throughout the event. A "Mix & Meet" session will allow attendees to personally interact with sexperts while evening festivities, such as the swanky "Sex in the City Party," will allow attendees to mingle and rub shoulders with celebrity guests. The first-ever SHE Awards also will be presented during the two-day inaugural event.

Coinciding with the event will be the inaugural edition of “SHE” magazine, a high-end publication for event attendees. Taking a cue from high-end lifestyle publications, SHE magazine will showcase the latest information from the world of sexual wellness.

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