Launches 'Frequency Capping'

TORONTO — has launched “frequency capping,” giving advertisers the ability to show ads to unique viewers across the entire platform and reach a wider audience.

“We understand that when an advertisement displays on any website in our network, there is a chance that the same viewer who sees them there might also see that ad again at another time while visiting another site in the Traffic Force network,” said Ross of Traffic Force. “Now, how often to show an ad to a specific viewer is an option each advertiser can set for themselves.

“Whether you want to strengthen your brand in the mind of a potential customer via constant repetition, prefer to reach the largest audience by showing an ad only once, or wish to set the frequency capping anywhere in between — Traffic Force lets you decide with just a couple clicks in your admin control panel.”

To encourage testing, tracking and fine-tuning of each campaign to maximize results, Traffic Force already allows advertisers to set parameters like time of day, days of the week, specific publisher channels, and ad location. Ross believes “the addition of frequency capping improves accuracy even more” by taking a per-viewer approach.

During the soft launch of frequency capping, with 20 participating clients, Traffic Force reports that some advertisers with established brands reported a margin increase of more than 24 percent. In other cases, capping turned losing campaigns into profitable one by allowing buyers to expand buys to include more channels for the same spend by reducing the repetition of ads shown to individual viewers.

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