Alexander Institute Launches 'Loving Rainbow' DVDs for Same-Sex Couples

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. —  Alexander Institute has announced the Loving Rainbow sexuality DVD series for same-sex couples.

Kevin Johnson, owner of Boots Bryant PR and Photography, who was hired to consult and photograph several of the man-to-man massage videos, said the DVDs feature explicitly educational content that is as fun to watch as it is educational.

"The DVDs feature couples in real life situations, with in depth information on how to perform various types of massage on each other," Bryant said. "The on-screen chemistry between the couples in the videos is undeniable, so they're not just educational, they're stimulating. Many gay and lesbian couples already watch DVDs from the Loving Sex brand, so it's great that they are now offering content catering to their lifestyle. Alexander Institute took their time producing these DVDs to ensure the Loving Rainbow video series is authentic, useful and enjoyable."

Loving Rainbow currently offers six DVDs featuring sexually explicit educational programming for gay and lesbian adults who wish to improve their sex lives and strengthen their bond. The DVDs include: Woman to Woman Sensual Massage, Woman to Woman Sexual Massage, Woman to Woman Erotic Touch for Great Sex, Man to Man Sensual Massage, Man to Man Sexual Massage, and Body to Body Gay Nuru Massage.

Special DVD features include: multilingual subs and menus in four languages, subtitles for the hearing impaired, tips from Dr. Patti Britton, and an on-screen sex encyclopedia. Couples will be shown how to prepare for their romantic tryst and provided step-by-step instructions on how to perform these types of massage on each other.

"Loving Rainbow had a great response when Alexander Institute did a soft debut at the ANME Founders Show in Burbank earlier this summer," Johnson said. "These videos were made to help strengthen relationships, improve the quality of sex and bring couples closer together in ways traditional porn cannot."

All six DVDs are now available for immediate shipment. Wholesale orders can be made directly with The Alexander Institute by calling (818) 508-1296 or by emailing The DVDs are also available from SLS Specialty and Williams Trading Company.

Consumers can order the DVDs at