Golden Age Legend Serena Signing Her Autobiography

Bob Johnson

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Golden age adult legend Serena will be signing copies of her new book "Bright Lights, Lonely Nights" on Dec. 6 in Hollywood, California.

The star's autobiography tells of her life battling bipolar disorder in the ‘70’s adult film world.

"I'd like to invite you to my book launch. Many special guests have promised they will attend, and I'm looking forward to a real party night and book signing," Serena said.

She added, "My book, ‘Bright Lights, Lonely Nights’ deals with growing up in the X-rated film Industry in the 1970’s as a girl dealing with being bipolar. It is a narrative of actors I worked with, magazines I posed for, and films I was in. It includes stories of my boyfriend, the ‘Prince of Porn,’ Jamie Gillis, as well as many famous people I've met through the years."

Richard Pacheco (aka Howie Gordon), another star of that age who wrote ‘Hindsight,’ will also be appearing with Serena at Pleasures of the Heart Shop in San Rafael on Dec. 10.

Serena will also be signing at Arthouse Gallery and Cultural Center in Berkeley, California on Dec. 12 from 7-9 p.m., and in San Francisco on Dec. 20 at The Center for Sex and Culture in the Mission District at 7:30 p.m.

"A true pioneer, artist, and star of her generation, Serena is the very definition of individuality and freedom tantamount to an exclusive community of golden era, erotic film performers. Melding natural beauty and raw sexuality with an intuitive, ethereal sensitivity, Serena created an abiding presence on screen. Almost 40 years after her film debut, exquisitely characterized by quiet wisdom and honesty, Serena continues to mystify and titillate fans. In her 'memory book' Serena has crafted an odyssey of events, ruminations and images reflecting an inspired age of liberation. This is a superb read," said Jill C. Nelson, author of “Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women of Classic Erotic Cinema, 1968-1985.”

Larry Edmunds' Bookshop is located at 6644 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, California.

Pleasures of the Heart is located at 1310 4th St, San Rafael, California, 94901. Call (415) 482-9899 for additional information on the dual-star signing.

The Arthouse Gallery and Cultural Center is located at 2905 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California, 94705. Call (510) 472-3170 for more information. The Center for Sex & Culture, located in San Francisco, is at 1349 Mission St. between 9th and 10th. Call (415) 902-2071 for information.

Serena's book is available in paperback from BearManor Bare for $32.95, and in hardback for $39.95 and can be purchased at