NakedSword, BelAmi Roll Out Third Episode of 'Dirty Rascals'

SAN FRANCISCO — The third episode from NakedSword Original's movie of the year, "Dirty Rascals," produced in association with BelAmi, is now playing only on

The size of the production, the location, the script and the international cast all make for NakedSword's most ambitious project to date. This production has been a hit since being released at the beginning of the month and it's only getting better, the company said.

Last week the Dirty Rascals Connor Maguire and Tommy Defendi continued to get themselves into trouble after the butler (played by Dato Foland) delivered them to the Chateau they ended up in a room full of the Countess’s “nephews”, some of the top young performers from around the Czech Republic. Connor stumbled upon BelAmi beauty Phillipe Gaudin enjoying a bubble bath alone and ended up being distracted from his task of casing the Chateau for the Countess's jewels.

This week in Episode 3: "Rope Burns"... there is 20 minutes until the reading of the Countess’s will and it becomes clear to Connor and Tommy that most of the “nephews” are also interested in stealing the family jewels. Headmaster Darius Ferdynand feels justified in his claim to the fortune after his years of dedicated service but one of Fellini’s favorite nephews, the charming Gino Mosca, has another plan. Gino seduces the Headmaster Darius who surrenders completely to Gino.

Before Darius even realizes it Gino has convinced him to try something new involving being tied up in one of the most notable standout scenes.

Director mr. Pam's assistant Leo Forte was sick the day of filming this episode so NakedSword's President Tim Valenti rolled up his sleeves and stepped in to help with sound and lighting.

Valenti remarked, "This was such a fun day and we all had a blast even if I was out of my element as a production assistant. It was such a pleasure to work with BelAmi and their amazing models. Gino was the perfect performer and Darius was equally amazing. Everything just fell into place on set that day and I personally believe this is one of the best sex scenes NakedSword Originals has ever produced. Both Gino and Darius played their parts to perfection!"