Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Cuffs Appear on ‘Law and Order'

Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. ­– Pipedream Products’ Fetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs appeared in a recent episode of “Law and Order: SVU.”

The faux-fur restraints are caught in the act when a frustrated neighbor barges in on a couple mid-play, where the wife is handcuffed to the bed.

“It’s so exciting to continuously garner these incredible mainstream crossovers,” PR Manager Sabrina Dropkick said. “When Hollywood’s top-tier entertainers rely solely on the top-quality of our products, it just goes to show, once again, that Pipedream is the leading adult novelty manufacturer in the world.” 

The manufacturer is no stranger to the mainstream spotlight, with recent appearances on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” Universal Pictures’ “A Walk Among Tombstones,” and FX’s “Partners.”