Television X, Pornhub Release Mainstream Christmas Tune

LONDON — U.K.-based Television X, in association with Pornhub Records, has announced the launch of the festive single “Coming for Christmas” by TVXbabes.

The group, which includes Brooklyn Blue, Angela Long, Jess West, Victoria Summers and Ben Dover (on the drums), says that they hope to hit number one on the U.K. music charts this holiday season.

The single is an energetic, poptastic Christmas-themed song featuring ample sexual innuendos and puns.

“Have I been a nice girl? Have I been a naughty  girl?” the girls sing in a video teaser. “There’s only one way that we can find out. Lets go sit on Santa’s lap.”

“It’s a catchy track that everyone will find themselves singing,” a rep said.

The company reports that both the single and the video have been created for mainstream consumption, and are not of an explicit nature.

The single, set to officially launch Dec. 1, is available for pre-order on iTunes here

The full video will unveil on Nov. 27 on the TVXbabes YouTube channel.