NakedSword Originals Drops 2nd Scene From 'Dirty Rascals'

Lila Gray

SAN FRANCISCO — The second scene from NakedSword Original's “Dirty Rascals,” shot on location in and around Prague in association with BelAmi, is now playing on

The ambitious production features an international cast under the direction of NakedSword director mr. Pam and produced by NakedSword President Tim Valenti.

Last week, in the first scene, fans saw best buddies Connor Maguire and Tommy Defendi set out to flee their boring hometown in rural Ohio for a summer adventure in Europe.

The plot is winding and filled with intrigue: With just the clothes on their back and limited funds, the duo found themselves in Prague, where they relied on a combination of their good looks, charm— and large packages — to get around.

After coming up with an elaborate plan to steal the family jewels of the late Countess Fellini in order to finance their next trip, they ran into the butler played by Dato Foland while hitchhiking on their way to her chateau.

Foland ends up giving them a ride, but not before taking a ride of his own on Defendi.

After Foland delivers the “dirty rascals” to the chateau, they end up in a room full of the Countess’s “nephews,” some of the most beautiful young men from around the Czech Republic.

Headmaster Darius Ferdynand and his cohorts welcome the boys and show them to their room. While snooping around the castle looking for valuables, Maguire stumbles upon BelAmi’s Phillipe Gaudin enjoying a bubble bath.

Gaudin rises from the tub to please Maguire, but the latter is set on his thievery. Surprised by Maguire’s reaction and hungry for more, Gaudin follows Maguire into the next room and offers himself up.

"Shooting this was such a blast because these two are both so funny and light-hearted,” mr. Pam said. “Connor must be the funniest guy in porn. He is always making a joke and never loses his cool, and Phillipe is sweet, smart and hilarious as well, so working with them together was just so much fun."

She went on to say, "They also look incredible together, and the chateau is the perfect backdrop for these epic scenes. Connor fucking Phillipe out of a window in the chateau is truly a site to behold."

“Dirty Deeds,” the new scene from “Dirty Rascals,” is now playing exclusively on NakedSword.

A new scene will debut every week throughout November.