The pjur Group Reports Success at Chile Women's Trade Fair

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group today reported success at Juliet’s Closet, a consumer trade fair for women in Chile.

The company said its booth was one of the highlights of the show. “We passed out tons of samples and pamphlets. The visitors took them happily and were very interested in the products. Even a number of other vendors stopped at our booth and came again, with friends or colleagues in tow,” said Lisa McLean of Importadora Integral, pjur’s exclusive partner.

Consumers atteneded the show in Concepcion, a town with more than 200,000 inhabitants in the middle west of Chile.

The fair was open to the general public and targeted women with clothes, jewelry, handbags, decorative items, and products from the beauty and sexual wellness segment.

Apart from regular attendees, midwives were also interested in the pjur products and commented that the pjur med Premium Glide would be a great product for their clients, according to the company.

Television media also visited pjur’s booth, where McLean was interviewed about the products and demonstrated the lubricant by placing it on the interviewer’s hand to show its effectiveness.

“The trip to Concepcion was a success for us as many women showed huge interest in our products. Our booth looked wonderful and gained the attention of many visitors. I look forward to the next show,” McLean said.