SexToyDistributing Names Holiday Electro Product Hot List

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — In an effort to guide retailers this holiday season, has put together a list of eight e-stim items by Zeus Electrosex that cater to a wide array of consumers.

“As an experienced distributor, we maintain a unique perspective on coming and going trends in the retail world, and interest in — and orders of — electrostimulation devices have seen a steady incline in the past year or so,” wholesale manager Beth Brown said.

She added, “So as part of our ongoing commitment to our loyal customers, we wanted to offer insight into a product category that’s breaking the mold, so to speak. And with the romance season quickly approaching, we encourage retailers to offer men, women and couples truly unique e-stim toys that’ll inspire the ‘spark’ they so desperately hope to ignite.”

For solo play Brown recommends the White Knight, a handheld wand vibe boasting 10 modes and five levels of electro pulsation that are independently controlled and designed for full-body massage and more intense targeted stimulation.

The Voltron vibe offers a smaller, ergonomic option with a feminine shape and purple color that appeals to consumers curious to try e-stim for the first time. With two brass plates at the head, Voltron transmits adjustable electro stimulation with three vibration speeds and four pulsation patterns.

For couples looking to explore this stimulating sensation together, Brown suggests the Bodylight Conduction Pad — a unique adaptor that allows the user to turn his or her own body into an e-stim toy by connecting it to any violet wand and then press the metal pad against the skin; under a bra strap or in a sock or waistband.

Also on her  couples' list is the Taser Tag Electro Play Cuffs that turn fingertips into e-stim toys with comfortable wrist cuffs that transfer electro pulses through the hand. Couples can titillate each other with just one touch and explore electro stimulation play as a pair.

For intense e-stim sensations, Brown recommends two cock-and-ball devices that turn the power up to an intimately extreme level. The Possessor is an electrified scrotum stimulator that fits snugly around the testicles to send impulses directly to this sensitive area. The Electro Lockdown is an e-stim male chastity cage featuring multiple electrifying options. The cock cage is lined with electro-conductive silicone with pads along its sides and a paddle at the head for increased surface area. Both can connect to any power box.

Brown recommends that every e-stim explorer keep Incite electrosex gel nearby to amplify the benefits and sensation of every impulse. Prior to play, apply it to the areas of the skin that the e-stim toy will touch to assure a satisfying experience.

“Using electrical currents for sexual enhancement has steadily gained popularity over the last year, and more companies are creating product lines that introduce e-stim to the mass market,” Brown said. “Orgasms from electrical currents feel completely different from traditional vibration — no numbing, no teasing — and some designs are meant to be enjoyed completely hands-free, which makes e-stim even more exciting. This unique sensation has aroused the curiosity of a variety of users, and it’s no longer reserved for the advanced players of the world.”

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