NakedSword Premieres Bel Ami Co-Production 'Dirty Rascals'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals on Wednesday announced the world premiere of its most ambitious movie to date, "Dirty Rascals," shot on location in and around Prague in association with BelAmi.

Even though NakedSword has been producing original content in one form or another since 2004 (most recently under the award-winning NakedSword Original's banner which has netted them multiple hit films over the past four years) "Dirty Rascals" marks new territory for NakedSword. With an international cast under the direction of NakedSword's award-winning director mr. Pam and produced by NakedSword President Tim Valenti, this epic production breaks the mold for both NakedSword and BelAmi. It's the first film shot outside North America for NakedSword and it's the first time fans get to see the famous models of BelAmi in a big scripted feature with English dialogue.

"Dirty Rascals" centers around best buddies Connor Maguire and Tommy Defendi who set out to flee their boring hometown in rural Ohio for a summer adventure in Europe. With just the clothes on their back and limited funds they find themselves in Prague where they have to rely on their good looks and charm to survive.

NakedSword President and Executive Producer, Tim Valenti, said, "Making this movie with BelAmi was such an amazing experience and I want to emphatically thank George Duroy and his entire team for their warm welcome and hospitality. They went above and beyond, rolling out the red carpet for us and we simply couldn't have created a movie like this without them and their world class models. This movie was a true collaboration and the end result is something very special and I'm certain audiences will agree once they see the film!"

NakedSword's director mr. Pam remarked, "It was such an honor to go to the Czech Republic to direct a movie of this size with BelAmi, one of the most iconic studios ever and one that I've admired since I started in the business. It's even more of an honor to be entrusted with shooting BelAmi's stars in their first real scripted feature film with dialogue. I couldn't be any happier with the outcome of Dirty Rascals and I believe it will go down as one of those rare movies that only come around every so often."

She added, "I'd like to thank George Duroy, Lukas Ridgeston and the entire BelAmi crew and their incredible models for making this possible, you guys are a class act!  A huge heartfelt thank you to Tommy Defendi, Connor Maguire, Darius Ferdynand and Dato Foland for bringing your A-game to this project, you guys are all superstars and this movie proves it!"

Scene 1: "Trouble at the Chateau" kicks off with superstar Tommy Defendi in a career defining performance along with two of the most talked about and popular performers of the year, Dato Foland and Connor Maguire. After Tommy botches an attempt to steal a trick's wallet he and Connor are left flat broke. When Connor reads the news of the demise of Countess Fellini (an infamous character of great wealth with no living heirs) he comes up with a scheme to get their hands on a portion of the Countess's fortune by posing as long lost relatives from America.

While hitchhiking to Fellini's countryside castle Tommy and Connor run into Fellini's sexy seductive butler Dato Foland who pulls over and offers them a ride. While Connor sleeps in the back seat Dato and Tommy end up running off together for an unbelievable sex scene taking place in an old silo. Then Tommy really gives Dato a huge thank you for the ride. 

A new scene from "Dirty Rascals" will be released exclusively on NakedSword throughout November.