Icon Male's Feature, 'His Daughter's Boyfriend,' Releases

Lila Gray

MONTREAL — Gay romance studio Icon Male’s controversial new feature, “His Daughter’s Boyfriend,” is now available on DVD.

From Mile High Media and director Nica Noelle, “His Daughter’s Boyfriend” stars Nick Capra as a father in turmoil. Capra must choose between his daughter’s happiness and his daughter’s boyfriend, Connor McGuire.

The cast also includes Ty Roderick, Kyler Ash, Lance Hart and Siri (in a non-sex performance as the daughter).

“This movie is so special to me because Nick Capra is one of my very favorite performers,” Noelle said. “He's usually a top, but he agreed to bottom for this movie — his first in four years. He’s made it clear that he won't bottom for anyone else. He even had an ‘I Bottomed for Nica’ T-shirt made!

“The fact that he trusts me so much means the world to me, and I think the fans are going to go crazy for his scene with Connor McGuire, who has the confidence to top Nick like few others could.” 

Capra stars as the “perfect dad” who finds himself struggling with an intense attraction to his daughter Siri's new boyfriend, McGuire. As Capra and McGuire grow closer, Siri learns that her boyfriend may not be what he seems — and that it may be her father the young, muscular hunk really craves.

Noelle notes her excitement working with straight female performer Siri.

She explained, “It's important to me to help bring different genres of adult film together and to bridge the political gap between gay and straight. It's been my experience that gay and straight performers love being on set and working together, even when there's no sex involved. The guys had a great time with Siri, as did she. In fact, she said to me, ‘Now I can see why you love shooting gay movies so much’.”

To view the box art and for more information about “His Daughter’s Boyfriend,” click here.

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