Grooby Productions Releases Newest in 'Canadian T-Girls' Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Grooby Productions and TWM have released “Canada T-Girls #3,” which arrives in stores this week.

Directed by Kevin Dong from the website, “Canada T-Girls #3” continues in the footsteps of the preceding installments. 

According to the filmmakers, Canadian t-girls are distinctively different than other t-girls in North America: “They have a unique look and come from a different background," a rep said. "We try to create something uniquely Canadian, featuring only Canadian transsexuals.”

"We started working with Kevin Dong in 2011 and his personality and perseverance in Toronto started bringing us a whole new crop of t-girl talent," CEO Steven Grooby said. "The northern part of the North American continent is the peaceful and quiet home to Canada, where ice hockey, maple syrup and socialized medicine is the norm. But little did we know, that amongst its 35 million residents, hides a healthy contingent of Canadian t- girls.”  

Grooby joked, “T-girl timber does seem to stand taller up north."

"Canada T-Girls #3” stars Blair Ryder, Phoenix Laforest (formerly known as Phoenix Mary), Tasha Jones, Tila and Sumaya.

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