APAC Amends Statement on FSC's Moratorium Protocol

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee late Friday issued an amended statement about the Free Speech Coalition's protocol for shooting moratoriums.

"We are happy to state that the FSC follows the same protocols that APAC supports," APAC said in a statement. "We would like to apologize if we caused any confusion in regards to what the FSC's position is regarding the health and safety of the performers. It pleases us to see that both APAC and FSC have the same desires in regards to moratorium protocols, which are as follows:

"A three-­day production hold will be put in place at the first sign of a positive HIV test in order to gather confirmatory results while an exposure genealogy is gathered. Information regarding whether production may resume or if the production hold will be extended into a full moratorium will be provided on the third day after the first test. In the event that the initial positive HIV test is confirmed, a 14­-day moratorium will be put in place from the last positive test.

"Please visit the members' section of apac­usa.com for additional information and, as always, feel free to contact the APAC board with any questions and concerns you might have regarding production holds and moratoriums."

Earlier on Friday, APAC announced the results of an online vote it held to determine whether performers preferred the FSC’s moratorium protocol or APAC's alternative protocol. The poll revealed that 80 percent prefer APAC’s. 

The next APAC meeting is scheduled for Nov. 2. Performers with opinions, questions or concerns can attend the meeting and/or contact APAC directly.

“It’s important for performers to be informed about the safety protocols affecting them and even more important for performers to participate in the conversation that will affect their future in the adult industry,” APAC said early Friday.