EroAdvertising Adds BitPay as Payment Option for Advertisers

Rhett Pardon

OSS, The Netherlands — EroAdvertising said today that is now offering BitPay as an alternative payment option for advertisers of its global adult ad network.

BitPay allows advertisers to fund their account using Bitcoin. The system automatically converts the amount of Bitcoin to regional currency.

Low transaction fees and fast processing times makes BitPay and Bitcoin an outmost efficient way to fund online advertising campaigns, said Niels van Ingen Schenau, CCO of EroAdvertising.

“Plenty of online professionals have invested into and hold a part of their funds or savings in Bitcoin,” van Ingen Schenau said. “So it’s a logical step to enable them to fund their advertising campaigns with Bitcoin, as well. No extra fees are added, as is done for credit card payments for processing the transaction.

"There is no bank institution in between for processing the transaction hence there are no handling fees. Chargebacks are not possible using Bitcoin, which means there is no risk of losing payment."

Besides wire transfer and credit card, EroAdvertising advertisers have other payment options, as well, including Paypal, Paxum, or regional payment options such as BrazilPay/Boleto, iDEAL and Mr. Cash.

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