Teacher Loses Job Over Erotic Scenes Shot 40 Years Ago

Rhett Pardon

MONTREAL — The elite Brébeuf College in Montreal has terminated the contract of teacher Jacqueline Laurent-Auger after the discovery that she shot erotic scenes in a number of blue movies more than 40 years ago.

The Globe and Mail reported today that Brébeuf administrators said it was acting in the students’ best interests by ending Laurent-Auger’s contract after 15 years.

“The fact that these films were shot 40 years ago doesn’t change their bold and suggestive – even explicit – character,” the college said. The Internet had brought the “erotic portion of [Laurent-Auger’s] career into the present,” and the students’ discovery of their teacher’s films affected the atmosphere in class, the school said.

“The availability on the Internet of erotic films in which she acted created an entirely new context that was not ideal for our students,” the school said. “After discussion and reflection, we concluded that adult films must remain just that, a product for adults. That’s why we decided not to renew Mrs. Laurent-Auger’s contract.”

Laurent-Auger, 73, told the Globe and Mail that when she was brought in to school offices to be told of her firing in July, she asked if there was any problem with her teaching performance. Laurent-Auger was told there was not.

Laurent-Auger’s early films, including such titles as "La Bonzesse" and "Le Journal Intime d’une Nymphomane," date back to the 1960s and 1970s.

Laurent-Auger’s story has elicited widespread media reaction in Quebec since it first surfaced last week. Journal de Montréal columnist Lise Ravary noted the school didn’t want to be tarnished by a “mini-scandal” related to adult entertainment.