Reporo Offers New Mobile Overlay Ad Format

LONDON — Mobile ad network Reporo has released a new ad format, the Reporo Overlay Ad, or ROA.

ROA is an ad unit that expands upon page load, remains open for a set period of time, then collapses into a leaderboard. Both the large rectangle banner and smartphone leaderboard display matching creatives and carry the same landing page URL.

Reporo said that upon testing, it is shown that the new rich media-like format improves ad zone performance, lifting revenues by more than 42 percent, boosting eCPMs up to an average of 2/3 and increasing conversions and CTR of up to 70 percent higher than the standard leaderboard banner.

The ROA is designed to provide a flawless experience, with the use of a transparent background ensuring the user lands on the requested URL, as well as seamless collapsing effect directing the user to the top banner position and provoking engagement, according to Neil Ives, Reporo's operations director.

"Here at Reporo, we always ensure that we provide our clients with the most advanced advertising solutions," Ives said. "Our R&D team have spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure we create an innovative format that generates a mass increase in revenues and performance which still maintains a high-quality user experience."

Reporo provides global reach for advertisers in more than 200 countries, along with worldwide monetization for publishers via its sales offices in the U.K., U.S., Japan, India, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Holland, Argentina and Mexico.

To view a short demo video of the Reporo Overlay Ad, click here.