BoodiGo Teams With PornGuardian to Prevent Listings of Piracy Sites

CONCORD, Mass. — Adult search engine announced today that it has teamed up with antipiracy service PornGuardian to screen known piracy sites from BoodiGo search responses.

BoodiGo co-founder Colin Rowntree said the announcement provides “another layer of assurance that when consumers use BoodiGo, the sites they find will be legitimate and lawful.”

“PornGuardian has been very active in targeting sites with DMCA take-down notices, and over the years they have built an extensive list of sites that are repeat offenders, or that appear to tolerate or even actively promote content piracy,” Rowntree said.

Rowntree said that he doesn’t want “known ‘bad apples’ anywhere near the rest of our bunch, as it were.”

“And, more often than not, the sites on this ‘bad list’ are ones infected with viruses and malware. Yet another compelling reason to exclude them from BoodiGo search results,” he said.

PornGuardian co-founder Peter Phinney said that his company is “to help prevent piracy sites from appearing on this unique search engine.”

PornGuardian, he noted, is well positioned to assist, having now been responsible for the removal of about 10 million online copyright infringements.

“Piracy hurts everyone — often in subtle ways that go unmentioned,” Phinney said. “Not only does content theft and illegal distribution raise the cost of producing content, it also circumvents all of the protections that legitimate sites work so diligently to put in place and insure that adult content is confined to an adult audience.”

Rowntree said that in addition to its partnership with PornGuardian, BoodiGo also recently announced that it partnered with ASACP, formally know as the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection, to block search terms used to seek out child pornography.

The site, the first adult-oriented search engine that takes the user directly to explicit 18-plus sites without clutter of mainstream search services in an anonymous and secure online environment, also blocks from its search results sites that are known or potential security threats.

XBIZ recently interviewed Rowntree about BoodiGo in a Q&A. The article is available here.