Yahoo Drops Paid Listings for Adult Content

Rhett Pardon

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Yahoo is discontinuing adult content listings for its directory program, according to an email sent to the operators of

The erotic website, which caters to female sexuality and is billed as created by women for women, received an email today explaining that the site will no longer be listed in the Yahoo directory.

The move to ban porn in the search engine's paid listings comes just three months after another search engine, Google, decided to ban advertising of adult-oriented websites through its AdWords advertising platform. and operator Colin Rowntree made the Yahoo email to be known on industry social and business network today. Rowntree's wife is Angie Rowntree, owner and founder of

Colin Rowntree told XBIZ that the move by Yahoo, which tends to follow Google policies, is "no big surprise" and that it characterizes "the further ghettoization of the adult industry by mainstream corporate media and search."

"It's endless," said Rowntree, who noted that the amount of traffic the Yahoo paid-listing directory program sends is not really worth cleaning up the site's tours.

Yahoo officials did not respond for comment by XBIZ post time.