APAC Calls on Industry to Honor Production Hold

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee said late Wednesday that it too has requested a three-day industrywide production hold while doctors perform confirmatory tests on an HIV exposure at an "out-of-of-state" set.

Earlier today, the Free Speech Coalition called for a three-day hold on porn production, effective immediately, as it investigates the HIV exposure.

APAC said today that it has called on industry performers and producers to honor the current production hold that is "made for the safety of our community as a whole and for performers’ individual safety."

"[A]nyone who was exposed to the patient within two weeks prior to the patient’s last negative test through the time the performer tested positive will be called to test for HIV," APAC officials said.

"The patient will be re-tested to establish whether the result was a false-positive or if there is need for further testing," officials said. "APAC will release a statement within three days regarding whether the production hold is called off or if a two-week moratorium is necessary.

APAC further said that due to HIPAA regulations, personal or health information about the patient is not allowed to be released.

"APAC is asking fellow performers to show compassion towards each other and to our unnamed peer who is currently waiting for the results of their confirmatory test and to abstain from speculating about the patient’s identity," officials said.

"The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee’s mission is to support the safety, happiness, and well-being of individual performers, and our community.

"Therefore we stand against blaming specific performers for contracting HIV, and we encourage them to take steps to ensure HIV-negative scene partners are not exposed. If any performers impacted by this work-halt need emotional support, a friendly face, or a shoulder to cry on, APAC is available to help you through this period.

"As performers, it is our responsibility to understand how HIV is transmitted and to show care for other performers. At APAC, we offer resources on HIV and STI education and a private, performer-only platform for performers to support and discuss concerns with each other," officials said.

"APAC encourages performers to reach out to their existing support systems, and to remember we’re all in this together and should be able to lean on each other."