Rock On Introduces ‘Rock’n Rack’ Retail Display

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Rock On's collection of sexual vitality enhancements are now available to retailers in the multifunction Rock’N Rack point of purchase display.

The Rock’N Rack is designed to showcase the cohesively branded line of male and female friendly products side by side in a customizable display, the company reports.

The Rock’N Rack was conceived with a particular philosophy in mind — that women and couples feel a level of trust in seeing a complete and cohesively branded line of sexual supplementation.

While many sex enhancers are not available in matching male and female formulas, the Rock On line is marketed as his and her single-dose PRE-Formace capsules, Rock’N Sex Shots and the Rock On Daily formulas.

“Rock On is designed to fill a premium need in the new and more sophisticated adult marketplace with a high-end line, without the obscure brand names and off-putting graphics,” Rock On President Keith Caggiano said. “Rock On is a brand that they won’t forget, and becomes an anthem for the spirit of “rocking on” in the bedroom and in life.”

The Rock’N Rack allows for a variety of configurations that can be adapted to hold just Rock’N Shots or Rock On Pre-Formance capsules and Rock On Daily, all in a seven-inch footprint .

The display ships with marketing and educational materials, including two attached his and her laminated cards that outline Rock On’s ingredients and benefits. The unit also ships with mini-booklets for consumers, “I Rock Daily” buttons and additional merchandising for the store.

The Rock’N Rack is available in two product package options: the full package, which includes 24 single cards of Rock On men’s and women’s Pre-Formance Capsules and 12 bottles of Rock’N Shots; and the Intro Rack, with a sampling of half the amount of product. 

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