Bonnie Rotten 3D-Printed Figurines Unveiled

VENICE, Calif. — “I have my own action figures!” Bonnie Rotten said while in Germany this week. “I always dreamed I would have one, and now I have four.”

Rotten is referring to four highly realistic Bonnie Rotten 3D-printed figurines produced by Berlin-based Digital Sport Innovation and available on

Fans can now take home Rotten’s likeness in the form of Sexy Bonnie, Schoolgirl Bonnie, Bondage Bonnie and Rollergirl Bonnie in three different sizes.

“Put me on display, hide me, do whatever you want with me … I’m at your will,” Rotten says in a promotional YouTube video for the figures.

The video shows glimpses of the pieces’ construction and also offers side-by-side comparisons of the figurines and the photos from which the image was lifted.     

According to Digital Sport Innovation, the polymer clay statuettes are printed layer by layer using a 3D printing machine and retain photo-realistic similarity. The finishing touches are applied by trained craftsmen.

The company launched in August and plans to roll out 3D-printed figures of other adult stars. Rotten is the first and only star currently featured.    

The limited edition statuettes are available in 5”, 12” and 14” and range in price from $49 to $499.