Autoblow 2 Extends Reach to the U.K.

BEIJING — The "Autoblow 2" male pleasure product has opened distribution headquarters in London along with a new website.

The creators said the move marks a swift transition into the next stage of growth for the male stroker that’s been on the market for just three months.

“Now that we keep stock in the U.K., we can ship anywhere in Europe within a matter of days,” product designer Brian Sloan said. “Most importantly, our customers won't face any embarrassing situations or have to pay any additional tax.”

The company said privacy issues with customs and demand for the product in Europe required long working long hours to make sure the product was available.

“German and Swiss customs in particular were really strict, forcing our customers to go to a customs office and open the parcel in front of an officer,” Sloan said. “Most men prefer to keep their masturbation habits private, so this created several hundred uncomfortable situations.” 

The company noted that Autoblow 2 initially gained fame thorugh a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding project.

“The men of Europe and the U.K. can now begin living lives where blowjobs are no longer limited by someone else's stamina or willingness,” Sloan added. “They can take matters into their own hands — with our machine, of course.” 

The product boasts an industrious motor, three pulsating speeds and three interchangeable sleeves. Autoblow 2 retails for $150.

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