Jessie Andrews Discusses First Anal in 'The Gardener'

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Jessie Andrews spent much of this year rocking nightclubs as an emerging star DJ on the electronic dance music circuit, but she still found time to take another leap in porn.

Andrews performed the first anal scene of her adult industry career in “The Gardener,” the kinky drama from director B. Skow at Girlriends Films that was released in late September. 

Now more selective than ever about her work in porn, the Miami native said it was the right time and the right project for her to go the anal route with veteran performer Alec Knight in what already is an award-winning career in front of the camera.

The 2012 XBIZ Best New Starlet and Best Actress winner took some time out of her latest DJ tour to answer a few questions about “The Gardener” and her other goings-on in this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: How did “The Gardener” project come about?

Jessie Andrews: I was sitting with [agent Mark] Spiegler last year at AVN, watching everyone get their awards. And I told him I wanted to do my first anal. And he was like ‘Okay. Stop talking and watch the awards.’ Later in the year we revisited the idea, told a few directors about the idea and B. Skow was the first person to bring an idea to the table that caught my eye. First anal in a feature. Never done before, I don't think. And I'm all about breaking rules and pushing boundaries these days. So it was a perfect fit! 

XBIZ: How would you describe the experience of working on ‘The Gardener’?

JA: It was really lovely. Everyone was relaxed and easy to work with. B. Skow and the crew made sure I had everything I wanted, from the talent to the food. 

XBIZ: It seems you've been very selective about your adult industry projects, what made you want to do this one? 

JA: I'm very particular these days. I shoot because I want to, not because I have to anymore. So if it doesn't sound fun, interesting, or different, I don't want to do it. And this was right up my alley. The storyline was something that would push boundaries and relied on a lot of personal conflict and emotion, and I liked that. 

XBIZ: How often do you perform in adult movies nowadays?

JA: Once a month. Depending on how much I'm in L.A. and what projects present themselves.

XBIZ: I've noticed you've been touring all over the U.S. and abroad as a DJ. How would you describe how that part of your career is going?

JA: Touring is one of the funniest, most exciting, tiring, intense things I've ever done. I haven't slept in four days — I’m currently on tour in Canada — but I'm awake and about to DJ in a club of 1200 kids who love music and don't care about anything else while I'm DJ’ing. I'm so thankful that I can walk 100 feet and play a show in downtown LA or go 10,000 miles away to Australia and play a show. It's amazing. It's my new hobby. 

XBIZ: How many different cities have you spun in since you started touring, have you kept track?

JA: Hmm, no idea. Over a hundred.

XBIZ: What are you doing next as a DJ?

JA: Releasing more music. 2015 will be a big year for me, music-release wise. But New Year’s Eve will probably be my next really big show. 

XBIZ: I wrote about your jewelry line right upon the launch of it and it seems to have taken off. How would you describe your progress with Bagatiba?

JA: Bagatiba is two-plus years old and it's doing insane. It's amazing to me to see the progress over the years. Like, I'm actually amazed. Amazed. I’m so happy to call it my first-born child. 

XBIZ: What's your outlook on doing more adult movies going forward?

JA: I'm pretty easy going about it. If there continues to be cool projects brought to the table and my music doesn't move me somewhere else, I'm open to anything. 

XBIZ: What else is going on that you'd like me to mention?

JA: I'd like someone to invent a teleportation device already. That's all. Oh, and I'm really excited for everyone to see the movie. And my scenes from this year.