'Accomodator Personal Pump' Debuts From MoysToys.com

NEW JERSEY — Sex care product company MoysToys.com, has announced the release of its  "Accomodator Personal Pump."

The company said the automatic penis pump fetaures a vibrating and spring loaded head stimulator which moves with the user's growing size.

Apart from the automatic head stimulator, the pump offers multi-speed vibrations and suction for increased pleasure. Cleaning the toy becomes easy due to the detachable cylinder. A flanged base offers a secure fit for an uninterrupted session.

The penis vibrator weighs 18.1 ounces and measures 7.5 x 2.25 inches. It requires two AA batteries to function and is manufactured with non-toxic materials to ensure user safety and pleasure.

The pump is available at a discounted price of $43.49 at MoysToys.com.