Offers Robo FUK Sex Machine

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — reports that is has become a leading source for innovative, quality sex machines.

Offering a wide selection of automated intimacy emulators, the online distributor provides retailers with auto-strokers, adjustable love machines, and advanced devices at competitive prices.

The latest sex machine to hit SexToyDistributin’s shelves is Robo FUK, a compact and portable love machine with a 20x7.5-inch footprint and lightweight aluminum construction.

Robo FUK comes almost fully assembled with a dial-adjusted thrusting arm that allows users to find the optimal angle, and is especially beneficial for users with mobility issues.

Along with a realistic dildo, Robo FUK comes with a vagina-shaped masturbator sleeve that attaches for automated stroking at various speeds.

“Sex machines have been an underserved and under-marketed segment and we’re pleased to see more companies realizing their potential — and it was only natural that we secure ourselves as the go-to source,” said Beth Brown, SexToyDistributing senior wholesale manager.

She added, “We’ve found that consumers have grown quite familiar with what’s out there, and it’s our job to educate our retail customers and provide options at the best prices. From refined and tech-savvy styles to more consumer-friendly pieces best for first-timers, SexToyDistributing has a sex machine to serve almost anyone.”

Once assumed an accouterment for kinkier lifestyles, the company notes that sex machines now come in all shapes and sizes and offer unique sensations at angles often too arduous for a regular person to handle.

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