Portland's Adult Sex Ed Academy Caps Quarter With Charlie Glickman Seminar

PORTLAND, Ore. — Newly launched Portland Academy of Sex Education announced that it just completed its summer quarter by hosting a sold-out workshop with sex educator and relationship coach Charlie Glickman.

Portland Academy of Sex Education reports that it is geared towards assisting adults navigating real-life situations, counteracting the stereotypical sex ed scenario of an uncomfortable health teacher lecturing to equally uncomfortable students.

Glickman's class, "Embodied Consent," capped the Portland Academy of Sex Ed summer program, just as college students head back to school and the conversation of consent on campus is making news.

The event marked the debut of Glickman's interactive workshop on how to navigate giving and receiving active consent.

Active and enthusiastic consent, the Academy says, is a cornerstone philosophy of its curriculum, and conversation concerning it will be ongoing.

The Rose City branch of the Academy of Sex Education provides information about various aspects of sex and sexuality. Intended to be a safe and comfortable environment, interactive workshops are nudity- and contact-free, and attendees must be 18 or over to attend.

Other summer quarter workshops presented by the Academy included "Female Orgasms: Physiology, Arousal, and Techniques That Deliver," "BJs and Brunch: More Enjoyable Oral for Giver and Receiver," "Safe Butt Fun" and "A Consent-Based Guide to Kink".

The winter quarter brings new workshops like "Big Beautiful Sex: Sex & Body Image," with educator, writer and coach Elle Chase of LadyCheeky.com.

For more information about the workshops hosted by Portland Academy of Sex Education, visit PDXAcademyOfSex.com.