Nikki Phoenix's 'Fit as Phoenix' Book Nears Publication

LAS VEGAS — Representing the culmination of years of work, adult star Nikki Phoenix announced that she has finished editing her book "Fit As Phoenix" and now it’s headed to publication.

The work, which chronicles Phoenix's weight loss of more than 120 pounds, as well as her fitness and nutrition discoveries along the way, also covers insights from her journey and stories of her personal triumphs as well.

The book includes more than 100 recipes for healthy alternative breakfasts, lunches, dinners, salads, desserts, snacks and protein shakes. In addition, the book covers eating-out tips as well as alternative foods that might be new to most readers.

It also chronicles Phoenix's journey, including some of the highs and lows as well as some of the problems she faced as she transformed herself from the person she was to the person she is today.

“This book was really, really important to me,” Phoenix said. “I spent much of my younger years really overweight, and had to over come many obstacles in my personal growth, from abusive relationships to the public views on obesity, while trying to become a mainstream model, EDM artist, adult performer, aerialist and now author.

“I wanted to show people that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and surround yourself with positive people. I also wanted to find a way to reach out to people who also want to make positive changes in their life, but might not know how, of have the tools to do so. A lot of how you feel, and how fit you can be has to do with diet.”

Phoenix continued, “It's so important and yet so neglected in our society today, so I wanted to share with people the recipes that I have been able to create that substitute healthy alternatives to some of the unhealthy ingredients in our favorite foods we like to cook. That way, a person won't feel like they are giving up something they really like to eat, just because they are 'dieting' or 'eating healthy.’"

The book is scheduled for release on Amazon's digital platform, and will come out upon the completion of their publishing format. It features numerous before and after pictures of Phoenix and includes a cover shot by Miles Long.

“I think if you want to really change the world around you, you have to start with yourself,” Phoenix added. “I really want to inspire others to become everything they want to be.

“Part of that is changing how you feel about yourself, and a lot of that stems from what you eat. By giving people healthy options for the meals they love to eat, they can still enjoy what they like and become healthier at the same time. That mindset has really helped carry me over obstacles others have thrown into my path. If you can believe it, as they say, you can achieve it

It has been a busy month for Phoenix, who just released her album on all digital formats including iTunes and Amazon. The album entitled “Ballroom Zombies” features a special appearance by adult star Britney Amber in the music video for the song. The video, in production all month, is being shot in multiple locations including the Las Vegas desert and Prague, as well as other locations and will feature aerial performances by Phoenix and her duo partner and friend Karley Cottrell, owner of Polecats Aerial Fitness. Phoenix plans to release the video on her YouTube channel later this month.

"I'm so thankful for my fans and for all the people on my management and PR teams, who worked so hard to help me realize this dream,” Phoenix said. “I'm also very thankful for our music team that helped me with releasing my music across all the available digital platforms, and my sound engineer Basshead. 

“While I wrote and composed the music and lyrics to all of the songs I have in my library, I couldn't have done it without all these very important people who helped me with my dream of sharing my music with everyone. I'm looking forward to uploading the rest of the album throughout the end of this year, and releasing the music videos for all of the titles as well."