LittleRedBunny Rocks Lip Sync Contest

NEW YORK — Internet sensation and award-winning webcam girl LittleRedBunny is competing in a lip sync challenge from

The contest requires webcam girls to upload a video of themselves lip-synching and dancing to J. Rand’s popular song, “Sexual Habit” To YouTube, with judging by a panel of employees.

To view LittleRedBunny’s sexy performance to “Sexual Habit,” click here.

“I love expressing myself through dancing and music during my cam shows, so I immediately jumped in and started working on this video,” said LittleRedBunny. “While the music is a bit more modern than what my guests are accustomed to from my shows, people will recognize many of my signature moves and how I add a touch of LittleRedBunny to the song.”

In the video, the striking redhead moves to the beat of the music on her bed in lingerie and a cocktail dress, as she lip syncs to the catchy tune. She goes on to perform in tiny inflatable pool filled with water on the bed, while sipping champagne and teasing viewers.

After a performance on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, J Rand was named USA Today’s “Artist on the Verge” for 2014. “Sexual Habit” is his newest single.

LittleRedBunny regularly entertains her guests in free public chat and regularly spends five to 12 hours in a single private. She once reportedly stayed 19-hours straight in a private session.

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