LELO Hosts ‘Counter Intelligence’ Retailer Event in L.A.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – LELO gathered up to 150 representatives from local distributors and retailers for “Counter Intelligence: L.A.,” a daylong James Bond-themed sales training event that included the global debut of LELO’s Pino pleasure object for men.

The luxury manufacturer hosted the event at the high-end SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, and in typical LELO fashion, welcomed each guest individually before kicking off a day of sales training aimed at boosting holiday sales.  

“Our team has spent countless hours preparing quality content to prepare you for Q4,” North American and South American sales director Donna Faro said. “We are here as a company for more reasons than most. We’re here to bring a level of pleasures to all, beyond all pleasures. Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects – this is our mantra.”

The event started with a video message from LELO CEO Miroslav Slavic, “thank you for making LELO the best brand ever,” he said before asking attending, “do you accept this mission?”

Distributors in attendance included Honey’s Place, Holiday Products, ECN and National Video, along with a variety of West Coast-based retailers. 

With a presentation by LELO’s North American and South American sales team, the first half of the day took attendees through the brand’s full range – including crafted stainless steel and gold plated “the most expensive vibes,” Inez, Yva Olga, Luna Beads Luxe and more.

“Many brands can speak luxury but can they provide the product quality? Our objective at LELO is to provide the luxury buying experience along with product that is highly accessible, long lasting and meets the current luxury buyer demand,” Faro said. “Today I’d to ask you to open your mind to the new world of luxury retailing. This is the secret to LELO. We would like to arm you with everything that we know and everything that drives our passion every day. The psychology of LELO is simple: provide quality with exquisitely designed styles powered by the most advanced technology in pleasure objects.”

LELO’s morning product presentation culminated with the debut of three new additions to LELO’s line, highlighted by global unveiling of Pino.

“It goes straight to the heart of gift-buying,” Faro said. “It’s finally a time where giving a pleasure object as a gift is very mainstream. This is just the beginning of where you’re going to see our company going – to add more value to buying LELO products. From a marketing standpoint we are 100 percent committed to marketing this product unlike anything other product on the market.”

LELO sales executive Pat Manginelli added, “LELO has a history of introducing products for women and couples. Retailers constantly ask me when will a male-oriented LELO product be introduced and I think this does this on extremely high-end, high-quality level.”

LELO also debuted Luna Smart Beads, an “intelligent” personal pleasure trainer, and Ora 2, the upgraded version of LELO’s oral sex simulator.

The Luna Smart Bead offers women a "smarter" way to enjoy longer, stronger orgasms. It features touch-sensors that respond to the vaginal squeezes, measures orgasm-potential and sets a vibration-guided routine that’s personalized for the user. It includes five vibration-guided levels to work through, and a continuous pleasure mode.

 The revamped Ora  2 was awarded at the Cannes Lions Awards 2014. With the aim of improving its design, LELO has enlarged the rotating nub beneath a layer of smooth silicone, while incorporating SenseTouch technology, which causes vibrations to activate on contact with the skin. This combines with swirls and fast flicks spread across 10 stimulation modes to mimic oral sex.

Following a lunch break that included a “Fifty Shades of Vanilla” bingo game, LELO’s event transitioned to a college spring break-theme presentation of the Pico Bong line. LELO’s Eric Rowland discussed today’s “blended gender generation” of sexually active youth.

Pointing out that girls are experimenting with vibrators as young as 10 years old, Rowland encouraged retailers to promote a safe space to buy pleasure products while providing education.

The Pico Bong presentation also included the debut of the Transformer, a double ended, bendable vibrator that allows for a variety of positioning options.

Before awarding attendees each a Certificate of Completion and ending the day with a cocktail party, LELO reminded attendees that all of its new releases will be available in time for the holiday sales season.

For more information, visit LELO.com and PicoBong.com.