XR Brands Debuts LoveBotz 'ROBO FUK' Love Machine

Bob Johnson

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands today introduced “ROBO FUK” by LoveBotz, a lightweight and portable love machine.

The product boasts a 20x7.5-inch footprint perfect for travel and tight spaces, designed for couples, first-timers and anyone looking for “hands-free fucking on the go.”

XR said ROBO FUK is powerful enough to provide realistic penetrating pleasure with torque and speed, yet small enough to fit in a closet, suitcase or even under the bed.

The device is easy to set up and arrives almost completely assembled with a unique dial-adjusted thrusting arm that makes it simple to find the perfect angle.

Once reserved for specialty markets and kink-only retailers, sex machines have crossed into the mainstream with sleek design, friendly packaging, and simple functionality, XR noted. ROBO FUK and the LoveBotz suite feature smooth engineering, durable and sturdy construction, and competitive pricing that has transformed this once-niche category.

“LoveBotz is the industry’s first and only coordinated line of multi-level sex machines with a cohesive look, and we introduced ROBO FUK to offer retailers a quality intro-level machine at a solid price,” general manager Randy Alvstad said.

He added, “Sex machines were once an underappreciated and under-marketed segment, but our customers have become quite familiar with their consumer appeal and look to LoveBotz for more refined and consumer-friendly styles.”

ROBO FUK comes equipped with two attachments — a bendable dildo and plush pink pussy sleeve — and an external remote to adjust speed. It is anchored in place with four suction-cups (included) or can be used with two curved handles located at the base. The product can be adjusted up to 20 degrees to allow for precise insertion.

To order the machine, email Alvstad at randy@xrllc.com.