LFP Inc. Could Go Public, Flynt Says

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Larry Flynt told the Cincinnati Enquirer today that LFP Inc. could go public within the next 12 to 18 months.

Flynt said the company, which operates adult entertainment, broadcasting and casino brands, is working with "high powered" firms to study the possibility of an initial public offering. He said the company currently is valued at about $500 million.

“We're trying to decide whether to take the whole company public or just a portion of it,” he told the Enquirer. “The decision hasn't been made yet."

He also told the Enquirer that when he leaves LFP and his Hustler empire, the company likely will be operated by his trust. Family members still part of the company are his wife, Elizabeth Berrios, who is a vice president, and daughter Theresa, its chief marketing officer.

LFP Inc. manages the Hustler brand of adult products and services, including more than 60 websites, 11 retail stores; Hustler magazine; DVD distribution through its Hustler Video, VCA and HIS brands; a Hustler casino in Gardena, Calif., and 11 Larry Flynt’s Hustler clubs.

In 2012, LFP purchased Boulder, Colo.-based New Frontier Media, a broadcast company, which at the time also was publicly traded.