Webmaster Central Rolls Out Softcore Content for EU Mobile Carriers

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — As the adult Internet industry looks to Europe this month for several large trade shows, Webmaster Central has announced its newest offering of softcore content that’s geared to the European mobile market.

The company says it  has collected several hundred new HD video scenes that won’t run afoul of European mobile carriers that prohibit billing services for hardcore content.

“Softcore is often overlooked, but if you want to get a full slice of the European mobile market then good softcore is absolutely essential,” said AndyA, founder and CEO of Webmaster Central.  “We can build out complete mobile-ready white label softcore sites for our clients for as little as $200. Just plug in your billing solution and start sending traffic.”

Webmaster Central’s softcore package can also be leased and added to existing websites through an XML gateway, and all scenes are optimized for viewing on both desktop and mobile screens.

“We have received a lot of requests for softcore content specifically due to rules throughout the EU regarding mobile billing,” added AndyA.  “Once new members are signed up through a softcore site, they can then be pushed out to other sites through one-click upsells. So if you want to use EU mobile carrier billing that also offers one-click upsells as an option to send members to other sites, then having great softcore content is the first step.”

More information about Webmaster Central’s leased content services can be found at WebmasterCentral.com.