Build the Store Announces New Features at ILS

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. — With a new look and design, announced that it will conduct live demonstrations and debut new features at the current International Lingerie Show. Held at the Rio Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas, the trade show runs from today until Sept. 17.

Build the Store reported that it has rolled out ship-to-store, Remarketing Report (cart tracker), home party sign ups, and improved SEO options, as part of its website revamp.

Ship-to-store is a gold level add-on feature that allows customers to order products online that are then shipped to a physical store for pickup, allowing consumers to engage, explore and be assured that everything they require is available when they enter the store.

“Ship-to-Store is an add-on feature that will not only help drive foot traffic into stores, it also puts your online store on par with other big box retailers that offer similar services,” explained Erik Van Riper, architect and lead developer for Build the Store. “They are no longer limited by items the retailer has in stock or ones that are determined worthy of shelf space.”

The Remarketing Report was designed to provide site owners, with silver level and above, a daily report of all registered customers who added products to their Shopping Cart, but logged out with the items still in the cart before placing an order.

With the Build the Store Remarketing Report, a site owner can see real-time metrics on their customers’ abandoned shopping carts. By using this tracking report, along with an email-marketing program, the site owner has the opportunity to provide their customer with either a coupon code or friendly reminder that they left items in their cart.

To help home party consultants generate event sign-ups and leads, Build the Store has introduced an online sign-up form. This feature also includes detailed reports on who has requested an event, and automatic email generated to the site owner that someone has signed up for an event.

Site owners can now customize the top area of each individual category page with Build the Store's improved SEO features. This allows users to do textual SEO for each category or sub category by providing more information about the product in that category. According to Build the Store, this becomes unique content, “and Google loves unique content.”

“These changes over the last few months have just been positively extraordinary,” said Bonnie Feingold, president and CEO of Build the Store. “We’re pleased the customers have welcomed these improvements, and we will continue to work hard for our customers to make even more changes in the months to come.”

Feingold noted that “everyone, regardless of his or her ability, should be able to have the opportunity to create an online business with success.”

Build the Store is also teaming up with Rio Spa for a chance to win a Spa Giveaway at its ILS booth on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Interested attendees need only drop off their business card to enter.

Build the Store will be located at booth #737. To set up an appointment, email Inga Van Riper at .