Nikki Phoenix Releases EDM Album 'Ballroom Zombies'

LAS VEGAS — Adult star Nikki Phoenix has released her EDM album entitled “Ballroom Zombies” and the first two songs are now available for digital downloads. 

"It's such a great moment for me,” Phoenix said. “Having worked so hard this year in the studio, I am so excited to see that the culmination of all that hard work is now available to share with everyone.

"The first two singles are very special to me, each has its own special theme, with ‘Ballroom Zombies’ talking about my passion for EDM music and how it engulfs you totally when you are in a club and ‘Until’ talking about reuniting with your partner in another life."

The album and it's first two uploaded songs are available for download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Iheart Radio, Shazam, Spotify, Google Play, Xbox Music, Target Music, Juke, MySpace Music as well as many other outlets. 

To hear or download the song on iTunes, click here; for Amazon, click here.

Phoenix also recently started production on the music video for “Ballroom Zombies,” which features a special appearance by fellow adult performer Britney Amber. The video this month is being shot in multiple locations including the Las Vegas desert and Prague and includes aerial performances by Phoenix and her duo partner Karley Cottrell, owner of Polecats Aerial Fitness. Phoenix plans to release it on her YouTube channel this month.

"I'm so thankful for my fans and for all the people on my management and PR teams, who worked so hard to help me realize this dream,” Phoenix said. “I'm also very thankful for our music team that helped me with releasing my music across all the available digital platforms, and my sound engineer Basshead. 

“While I wrote and composed the music and lyrics to all of the songs I have in my library, I couldn't have done it without all these very important people who helped me with my dream of sharing my music with everyone. I'm looking forward to uploading the rest of the album throughout the end of this year, and releasing the music videos for all of the titles as well.”

The cover of the album, which was shot at a remote beach at sunset, was captured by industry veteran photographer/director, Miles Long.

“It was great to work on the cover art for this album, especially since I've been doing so much mainstream work these days,” Long said. “It involved quite a bit of planning to make this one shot, as not only did we have to plan a long trip from Vegas just to get to the remote location, but it was a half-hour hike with crew and gear just to hike in and set up; and of course; there's no electrical power on a beach either.

“If that weren't enough, we had to get the timing just right, I mean, you can't schedule a painted sky sunset anytime you want, you have to bend to mother nature's schedule. But in the end, it was really, really a perfect moment, everything came together just right. ... Talk about everything lining up perfectly, 15 minutes either way and we would have never captured that shot." 

In addition to her album, Phoenix has finished her book and is working with her editor on the final touches before releasing it. The book covers her story, her passion for fitness and nutrition, her weight loss and her mission to encourage others to do the same. 

“I really want to be a force to inspire others for positive change,” Phoenix said. “When I was younger, I, like a lot of people was the victim of bullying, but instead of letting those people and that type of attitude hold me back in life, I used it as a tool to help me not only accomplish my goals, but to help inspire others to do the same.”