Opens Its Doors for Inaugural BondCon

SAN FRANCISCO — plans on kicking its doors open for BondCon, a weekend-long celebration and studio open house that starts Thursday.

BondCon, scheduled in tandem with the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, will feature workshops, tours of the Armory, parties, awards and the chance to join a shoot as an extra.

“We wanted to open up the Armory to the public in a way that we’ve never really done before, at least not on this scale,”’s Peter Acworth said. “We wanted to create an environment that would be welcoming both to the curious and experienced lifestylers. Folsom Street Fair and Leather Week are our high holidays, so we pulled out all the stops and are inviting every one in.”

At center of BondCon are the two dozen-plus workshops open to all levels of experience, ranging from beginner classes (“Spanking 101” and “Threesome Tips”) to lectures (“Coming Out Kinky” and “How to Become A Professional Dominant”) and expert-level bondage instructionals.  

The Armory itself will be open for tours over the weekend, allowing the public to go behind the scenes where Kink films are made, as well as to learn about the historic Armory building itself.

BondCon tours will include demo and information stations staffed by Extreme Restraints, Boss Bondage, Stockroom, Orchid and Serpent Stores.

The package of events also include a Bondage Awards dinner on Friday night, and a massive BondCon Ball on Saturday night. While the former is limited to award-winners, the BondCon Ball is open to the public, and fetish wear is highly encouraged.

Acworth said that those who are not quite ready to join a massive BondCon party in Kink’s infamous dungeon are invited to check out Fete de Kink, a dance party for Bondage Beginners on Thursday night at Club Harlot, or to visit the massive Kink booth at Folsom Street Fair.

To learn more about BondCon or purchase tickets, visit